The Alexander Technique gives the actor a way to change body-mind habits that interfere with optimal performance. Undesirable amounts of unnecessary tension are embedded in small and subtle habits of body coordination. They can be changed toward much greater freedom.   Erroneous postural and movement assumptions impede our physical balance, our mental poise, our base neutrality, our breath and our availability for efficient movement. In acting, unnecessary and excess tension  limits the life of the character being played.  Freedom of the head, neck and torso is a choice. It can be rediscovered through Alexander Technique study, which is taught at all major performance conservatories throughout the world.

“What I learned was beautiful. It (Alexander Technique) was an art. It was about perfect posture and how to move. It was about being still and relaxed, in order to be able to 100% listen” – Hugh Jackman 

This class will take place on Saturday, August 8th, 2020 from 3PM to 4:30PM (EST) via ZOOM. The event will start off with an introduction by AMCP, followed by the masterclass led by Daniel. Be prepared to offer feedback and discuss different topics as Daniel shares invaluable information.

**Instructions and the ZOOM link for access to this online event will be emailed to you in advance. If you have not received the link by 12pm (EST) the day-of the event, please reach out to at least one hour PRIOR to the start of class.**

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Daniel Singer is a senior faculty member at the American Center for the Alexander Technique Teacher Certification Program.  He has a private practice in NYC and is currently on staff as the Alexander Technique teacher at three performance Conservatories: AMDA, Circle-in-the Square and Michael Howard Studio.  Daniel is an author of the book The Sacred Portable Now (Prima Publishing, 1996). He also co-produced a CD “The Back Alive Advantage” based on principles of Alexander Technique self-lesson work. Additionally trained and certified in educational and therapeutic uses of visualization by the American Institute for Mental Imagery, he’s an artist whose mediums have ranged from glassblowing to painting, from poetry to fiction, and for the last fifteen years he has also pursued  a passion for Argentine Tango. He has been teaching actors the  Alexander Technique for 4 decades.